Friday December 15th 2017

We will be playing our debut show with the new line up!  The show will be at martyr's in Chicago.  Reserve tickets now so we can all rock out together!!!


"SMILES ALL YOU" Is put out on a special day.

"Smiles all You"
Just over 10 years ago we got a call that
We all dread. 
From there surgery for 4-5 hours
Life saving outcome and now clean and clear this past June. 
When Sally woke up from surgery she looked at me and said
"Sorry it took so long"
Well I just had to write a song,as the emotion was raw and with Ellis this is what we wrote.
"Every time I Look into those eyes 👀 I know that smiles all you"
Happy Birthday Sally
Hope you like the song
Love John


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News & Updates

We recently released the single "Uncle Sam Shot Miss America" and the response has been fantastic.  You can see our music video for it right here:

Reaching 50,000 views on YouTube and Facebook faster than any of our previous releases, we are excited that people are down with the message and enjoy this great track.  THANK YOU! for sharing, liking, and subscribing!  By becoming fans of ours it lets us know that you want more and it keeps us running back into the studio to create great, new and rockin' material . How cool are you?!



We are THE Social Act Band


"The Social Act" has strong roots...

Back in the day, in the early 1980s in fact, a music revolution was happening in the United States and around the world.  There was the birth of this thing called "MTV".  At that time, Ellis Clark, Dave Ishiki, and John A. Krenger, each fluent in their own style and abilities, decided to join forces.

Hence the original TSAB band was formed and was quickly flown around the country playing shows from coast to coast.


The current group is a continuation and a complete re-working at the same time.  Much of the original energy still lingering across the internet from the cool songs and videos of the day, John Krenger and Ellis Clark decided to write new songs that addressed current events, moods, and subjects.  Studio 2020 Chicago and the noted Producer/Engineer Sam BMJ ( were chosen to make the album truly great.  Hence the recently released album "Today's Tomorrow" which utilizes the established songwriting and visionary leadership of the original group, but brings in technology, new members, and cutting-edge music videos. 

A number of friends came together to help make the album as exciting as possible which include the following: Steve Gilles(Filter), Mars Williams (saxophone and previous tour mate and Psychedelic Furs & Liquid Soul), Paul Von Mertons(sax and previous tour mate and Brian Wilson and Poi Dog Pondering), Zoey Wich (guitarist and player for The Kathy Richardson Band), Chich Tsang (violinist with Lana Del Rey, Kings of Leon & Mathew Santos), Robert Titean (guitarist), & Ary Gierut (Amazing Heeby Jeebies".  

During the historic sessions for TODAY'S TOMORROW, three exceptional musicians namely, Trevor Lynch(Drums and Percussions), Dave Rzeszutko(Bass, Guitar & Vocals) and Matt Bolman(Guitar, Bass and Vocals came aboard and became not only a vital part of the recordings, but also were made ready to tour behind the album

Further History:

In 1987 TSAB recorded a 3 Song See thru Red Vinyl EP at
Pumpkin Studios and produced by the legendary Gary Luizo
Lead singer from "American Breed" and number 1 seller of their hit
"Bend me Shake Me".  He is also known worldwide for his work with Styx and Survivor both who recorded their famous albums out of his studio. 

In 1994 the death of one of its founding members Dave Ishiki, the band moved on with Shawn Nolan and his brother Jimmy Nolan.

The Social Act has played concerts with

9 Inch Nails
Smashing Pumpkins
The Neville Brothers

and countless other great acts.


TSAB sound has been described as the Beatles meets Pink Floyd with special guests David Bowie and Pearl Jam sitting in.  It's a reminder to take nothing for granted and live in the moment
They say the stars are not numbered and that our breath can't be counted.




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Hear a preview of "Paid in Full" off our newest album, Today's Tomorrow.