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by The Social Act Band

The new LP: “Innocence and Time”

Take a video glimpse into four of the tracks from the new release. Track #7 “Unwinding Roads” is shown being played publicly for the first time as Grant Tye SOARS with a great guitar lead! Track #3 “Only You” and Track #2 “Innocence” are shown as pure performance videos so you can really get close and personal. Finally, Track #5 “Love Hearts Open” is displayed as a timelapse painting of the mural we did on the side of our home studio and headquarters at Studio2020Chicago. Thank you Menace-Resa for your outstanding work as we tributed our rock heroes and our neighborhood! ( )

Grant Tye blows up on lead guitar during “UNWINDING ROADS” at Martyr’s Club show Summer 2019! TRACK is #7 from the just dropping “INNOCENCE AND TIME” LP. A great ARTICLE about GRANT here:

This is the hot new TRACK #3 ONLY YOU… off TSAB's currently releasing LP “INNOCENCE AND TIME” . Video was Produced by John Krenger, Directed by Chrys Anthem-Wozniak and wonderfully shot by Erick Herman. Featuring Ellis Clark on vox, Steve Gillis on Drums, John Krenger on guitar/vox, Grant Tye on guitar and Matt Thompson on Bass!

TRACK #2 INNOCENCE off the fresh 2019 LP release “INNOCENCE AND TIME” Featuring John Krenger, Ellis Clark, Steve Gillis Matt Thompson and Grant Tye and more. Production and Mastering by Sam BMJ at Studio 2020 Chicago.

TRACK #5 LOVE HEARTS OPEN… from “INNOCENCE AND TIME” LP Produced at Studio2020Chicago. This video shows the amazing work of Menace-Resa who came in from NYC to execute the murals of the Rock and Wall Hall of Fame, and it's crowning glory, the "Bucktown" mural placed right on the band headquarters in Wicker Park at Studio 2020 Chicago.

We craft every song, video, and promotional piece right here from our cutting-edge media facility Studio2020Chicago with Sam BMJ.

We craft every song, video, and promotional piece right here from our cutting-edge media facility Studio2020Chicago with Sam BMJ.

experience makes us pro!


FACT: The Social Act has played concerts with

-9 Inch Nails
-Smashing Pumpkins
-The Neville Brothers


The Social Act is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois headed by longtime members Ellis Clark & John Krenger, the band’s original founding members. The rockers from the Land of Lincoln emerged during the ’90s, delivering an emotionally charged and unforgettable amalgam of heart-heavy, post-grunge sounds. Today, with sleek modern and dominating rock overtones, they are compared to Kings Of Leon mixed with a unique front-end sound that is very similar to Blue October.  The Social Act takes on a modern day Pink Floyd feel that music fans seem to really love.  The Social Act energizes everyone at every live show with a performing style and stage presence that has no limits. Touring nationally now, and touring Europe next year!  The Social Act brings the heat in 2019 and delivers with the brand new album titled Innocence In Time.  This new album offers a true higher sonic value for the listener with catchy memorable hooks like never before from this band.  The first radio single “Time” is at commercial radio now.  The group pours out intelligent philosophical lyrics that are elaborate by design, and rock-worthy to the ear in all the compositions. The Social Act has worked  and played with greats like Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and many others. The Social Act Drummer, Mr. Steve Gillis, is a former Filter band member who has charted Billboard with hits “Take A Picture” and “Hey Man Nice Shot.” Those tracks earned them gold and platinum sales and global radio air-play along with heavy MTV and video network rotation. Rounding out the Social Act sound is Grant Tye one of Chicago’s most sought after lead guitarists who tours nationally and has appeared on Conan O’Brian. Grant has worked with A&M Records.  Matt Thompson is on Bass.  His work includes Hollywood film soundtracks and over 35 acclaimed albums as a top session performer.  

Chihsuan Yang on strings has worked with Grammy-award winning producer David Foster, performed with Kings of Leon, Lana Del Rey and with the Dalai Llama.  Winner of a 3Arts Award for exceptional violin virtuosity.  Ryan Wayne Tedder is a Keys and Sax player from Tulsa, Oklahoma, a true professional multi-instrumentalist and arranger. Collaborations include Tim Ries (Rolling Stones) and Jellybean Johnson.  Ryan contributes to TV and Film Music regularly and adds depth to The Social Act.  Ary Jeebie does back-up vocals for The Social Act band and has been the lead vocalist for The  Amazing Heeby Jeebies and many others.  Ary is also a celebrated painter whose works have been displayed nationally to critical acclaim in the art community.  Ary adds design excellence to The Social Act’s public relations and branding campaigns.


Back in the day, in the early 1980s, a music revolution was happening in the United States and around the world. There was the birth of this thing called "MTV". At that time, Ellis Clark, Dave Ishiki, and John A. Krenger, each fluent in their own style and abilities, decided to join forces.

Hence the original TSAB band was formed and was quickly flown around the country playing shows from coast to coast.

In 1987 TSAB recorded a 3 Song See thru Red Vinyl EP at Pumpkin Studios and produced by the legendary Gary Luizo; lead singer from "American Breed" and number 1 seller of their hit "Bend me Shake Me".  He is also known worldwide for his work with Styx and Survivor both who recorded their famous albums out of his studio. In 1994 the death of one of its founding members Dave Ishiki, the band moved on with Shawn Nolan and his brother Jimmy Nolan.

The Social Act incorporates all of our music based on our personal experiences in the Chicago Music scene.  It’s our home and the inspiration behind everything we do."The Social Act" has strong roots...



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News & Updates

In 2018 we produced 2 LPs, one EP, and pushed thru to 300 college radio station catalogs and hundreds of thousands of web fans through major curators and popular playlist operators.

Early this year we put the “Not Too Late” EP out onto the streets and the internet to lay the carpet down for the FULL ALBUM “Innocence in Time” we are releasing right now!

Our song entitled "UNKNOWN" off of the last album “TODAY’S TOMORROW" has been getting awesome public response with over 500,000 views across social media as of today. See it here?

upcoming shows:


October 4th, 2019 - Liar’s Club 1665 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 . (773) 665-1110

November 1st, 2019 - Montrose Saloon 2933 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 . (773) 463-7663

November 5th 2019 - Untitled Supper Club (Private VIP Party)

December 13th 2019 - Martyr’s Club 3855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60613 (773) 404-9494