We are THE Social Act Band


TSAB original players:

Dave Ishiki
Ellis Clark
John Krenger

Today's Tomorrow features collaborations with:

Steve Gilles (Filter drummer)

Mars Williams (saxophone and previous tour mate and Psychedelic Furs
Liquid Soul)

Paul Von Mertons(sax and previous tour mate and Brian Wilson and Poi Dog)

Zoey Wich (guitarist and player for Kathy Richardson Band)

Chich Tsang (violinist and Lana Del Rey Kings of Leon Mathew Santos)

Robert Titean (guitarist)

Ary Gierut (backup vocals and artist from Amazing Heeby Jeebies)

Touring band mates:

Trevor Lynch (Drums and percussions and
The Inbetween days )

Dave Rzeszutko ( bass guitar vocals and
The Inbetween days. and the Mile)

Matt Bolman ( guitarist bass vocals and
The Inbetween Days and the Mile)

Recorded and Mixed at: 
Studio 2020 Chicago

Engineered by: 
Sam Bmj



In 1987 recorded a 3 Song See thru Red Vinyl EP at
Pumpkin Studios and produced by the legendary Gary Luizo
Lead singer of the "American Breed" and number 1 seller of their hit
"Bend me Shake Me" and recording along with Styx and Survivor at his studio. 

Picked up by Chicago based WXRT after slipping EP under the back Door 🚪 and Johnny Mars calling to say the "B" side song In your Arms " will be on rotation and over 250 CMJ radio station
Start the "Act" on their way. 
Followed by:

"Over The BerlinWall"
"State of the Union" CD
" World War 3" video

"Spiritual Journeys" CD
Their music is a Spirit filled Social Awaking of Lyrics and Great guitars 🎸 with Drums to kill.


In 1994 the death of one of its founding members Dave Ishiki the band moved on with Shawn Nolan and his brother Jimmy Nolan

Having played with

9 Inch Nails
Smashing Pumpkins
Neville Brothers
UB 40

And countless other great acts.


TSAB dared to include Sax and Cello and Violin 🎻 and just plain old Rock and Rock the then (Hair club circuit)  across the USA
Labeled alternative with Spirit TSAB blazed new territory. As Billy and Courtney Love also followed to use our Cello player Eric R fir their video and sound.  

TSAB sound 🔊 is

Beatles meet Pink Floyd with special guests David Bowie and Pearl Jam. 

The new release of "Today's Tomorrow"  features 12 new songs and 2 singles independent of TT

With the return of "The Social Act Band"
It's the Mantra of Earth 🌏 with the music of the Universe
Not afraid to be new and energetic, yet still close to our roots of Rock and Roll and New sounds.

"It's not True" single being released 4/1/17

It's a reminder to take nothing for granted and live in the moment
They say the stars are not numbered and that our breath can't be counted

"It's not true"

says who cares and why try as we will miss the now .

Live Life Love ❤️